Farhana Mili in Monpura
Farhana Mili in Monpura
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Farhana Mili in Commercial
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Director- Gias Uddin Selim
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...it was on the set of 'Ramizer Aaina', when director Shihab Sahin introduced me with Gias Uddin Selim

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Release Date: 13th February
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

chancal chowdhury- sonai of Monpura

Chancal chowdhury, one of the leading actor of Monpura, started his career in 1996 in theater. he joined ARANYAK NATYADAL and performed in Prakritojoner Kotha, Joyjoyonti, Ora Kodom Ali, Mayur Singhason, Songkranti, Rarang and Che-er Cycle.

chanchal chowdhury got the spotlight on him for the first time as a model in the commercial of grameen phone. that was immensely popular at that time. "pother Klanti Bhule"- a very popular song of Hemonta Mukhopadhyay added some more spice on that advertise. and eventually, that advertise brought him the prestigious Meril-Prothom alo award in "best model- men" category in 2005. the commercial was directed by Mustafa sarwar farooki, with whom, chanchal chowdhury worked on 'talpatar shepai'.

chanchal chowdhury, the talented actor, is the graduate of institute of fine arts(IFA). he also worked for SODA and CODA as a lecturer.

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In the film monpura, chanchal chowdhury plays the role of sonai, who was sent to an island against his will. and there he found pori(Farhana mili) the daughter of a boatman. the story went on and found its tragic finishing like most classic love story. is it a precondition for love stories to be tragic in order to be memorable? perhaps, yes.

Chancal chowdhury, one of the talented actor of new generation, has done a fabulous job on MONPURA. the trailer of this movie already suggest that. but he has to prove it on big screen also. and he has that talent and the company of talented people like gias uddin selim and his associates to prove his merit.