Farhana Mili in Monpura
Farhana Mili in Monpura
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Interview- Chanchal
Farhana Mili in Commercial
Farhana Mili in Commercial
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Interview-Fazlur R.Babu

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Director- Gias Uddin Selim
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...it was on the set of 'Ramizer Aaina', when director Shihab Sahin introduced me with Gias Uddin Selim

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monpura- Under piracy threat

Bangla movie is facing a severe threat from pirates of this sector. Any movie released in theaters will be pirated within a couple of days. And there is almost nothing the distributor can do in fair way to protect his movie. Yes, the pirates are now fair enough to propose the proprietor of the movie to bribe him in order to not let it pirated. But as it is said, the proprietor has nothing to do in fair way against those malicious efforts which have spread like a cancer in this industry.

Monpura- Next Mission for 'Pirates of Bangladesh'

As Monpura has got the attention from people of all age and class, so it is under even more severe threat of getting pirated. As the movie has created interest among the Bangladeshi living overseas, so it might also face an 'Internet Piracy'. The movie might be uploaded to a site for 'Free Download'. As the overall internet connectivity in Bangladesh is too bad, so internet piracy may not hurt the distributor in great extent.

So the real threat for Monpura is the piracy inside Bangladesh. As a movie is distributed in theaters with less accreditation, it gets pirated immediately. But to reach people you have to distribute the movie across the country. So it’s like a two edge sword. You have to reach to people and keep yourself away from those pirates. Perhaps, this has become an even bigger challenge than making a good movie.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

At Last, Its 13th February

6 Months after the release of music and trailer, At last, Monpura is going to be released on 13th February, Friday. And 13th February is also 'Pahela Falgun'- a very special occasion for all Bangali. Though the release is been too late, still releasing on 'Pahela Falgun', Just before the valentines day- seems to be the right choice for a movie based on a complete love story.

Release- At Last

The decision was made on 22nd January and Gias Uddin Selim, the director of the movie, also informed media immediately. "I have made this movie to display in theaters and hopefully it will be displayed in theaters across the country"-said Gias Uddin Selim. It has already been confirmed to be displayed in 'Star Cineplex' and 'Bolaka'-two of the most popular theaters in Dhaka. The movie will also be displayed in theaters of Narayangonj, Savar, Jessor, Khulna, Rajshahi.

This is going to be one of the biggest releases of a Bangladeshi movie in recent time. Very few movies in last decade got this amount of attention even before the release. It also shows that the expectation of people to Monpura is Sky-high. Perhaps, it is the biggest challenge for Monpura to meet the hype which has been created by its fabulous songs.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Uncut censor certificate for Monpura

At last, Monpura has got the uncut censor certificate. The movie was displayed on 18th January on censor board. "All the board members praised the movie and also inspired me"- said gias uddin selim, the director of Monpura. "It’s a wonderful movie. Though it lacks in casting popular film stars still it will grab the attention of people, I believe"-Said one of the members of the board. After 'Rupkather Galpo' it is the second movie of theater activist turned model Chanchal Chowdhury. "It’s an exceptional love story. The uncut censor certificate also proves that."-Said Chanchal chowdhury who is the main protagonist of Monpura.

Farhana Mili in Monpura

After getting censor certificate, the next question is obviously about its release. There are two possible dates of release in the air.

1. 14th February, Valentine’s Day- (According to Gias uddin selim and a facebook group about Monpura)

2.13th February, Pahela Falgun-(According to Monpura official website www.monpura.com)

But according to the context of the film, the second option seems to be more likely to be the releasing date. A complete love story, pictured on the backdrop of rural Bangladesh, deserves to be released on pahela falgun (13th February) rather than Valentines Day.

It seems that the wait for the release of a movie of our soil has come to an end. Don’t know when we waited for the release a Bengali commercial film last time. Is it anything short of a 'Success' for Monpura?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Monpura on Censor Board

Monpura has been submitted to censor board a few weeks back. The shooting of the film was started on June, 2007 and ended on February, 2008. After that there was the post production works which ended recently.


Farhana Mili and Chanchal Chowdhury in Monpura

As the movie is all set to release, so the distributors are now looking for movie theaters to distribute the movie. There has been a public announcement about it on Facebook recently (Monpura- Hope for Bangla Movie). So at last, after more than 5 months of release of music, the movie is going to face the public. Will it be able to meet the huge expectation of people which was triggered by its wonderful songs? Will it meet our expectation to Gias Uddin Selim?

Let's time answer them all.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Monpura- Valentine Day special?

According to Shahed Ali, one of the associates of Gias uddin selim, Monpura is going to be released on Valentine day.
The movie is based on human relation and valentine day is certainly a good choice for the release of the movie.

Though the movie has passed the peak time for release, still releasing with some good campaign can surely help to get the commercial success for the movie. And in that case, releasing on valentine day just might be the perfect choice.

Sunday, January 4, 2009