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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Momotaj- Folk Queen of Bengal

Momotaj, the Folk queen of Bengal, has once again got the spotlight on her with the song 'Age Jodi Jantam Re Bondhu' of the movie 'Monpura'. The song is also a part of the reason of the huge audio success of Monpura.

Momotaj, the most popular singer of Bangla folk song, started her career in 1992 with the audio album 'Momotaj Bicched super'. Gradually, she has become the most popular singer of her genre. the number of her released album is unbelievable- 700!
it only shows how popular she is among the mass. she is definitely heading towards Guinness book record of highest album released by a singer.

Momotaj-folk queen of Bengal

Momotaj, Daughter of Madhu Boyati, took her earlier lesson to Matal Razzak Dewan- 'Guru'-as she recons. in her early days she had to face a lots of difficulties. Even after the success of her first album she signed for second album only for Tk 2000 and a condition of repay that money if the album fail to succeed.

In her long career, she has achieved a huge success in all aspects. she has a huge popularity in home and abroad. But the credit of introducing this fabulous singer to Urban people, is definitely due to Hanif sanket-the popular anchor of 'Ittade'. In these 16 years in audio industry, the most successful albums of Momotaj are Return Ticket, Ashol Boithoki, Bhaab Boithoki, Murshider Talim and Ronger Bazar and so on.

Momotaj, the singer from singair, Manikgonj- did a lot of charitable work in her own area including eye hospital and another hospital for child care.

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