Farhana Mili in Monpura
Farhana Mili in Monpura
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Farhana Mili in Commercial
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Director- Gias Uddin Selim
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...it was on the set of 'Ramizer Aaina', when director Shihab Sahin introduced me with Gias Uddin Selim

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Arnob- The music director of 'Monpura'

Shayan chowdhury Arnob(also known as Ornob) needs no introduction to the music lovers of this soil. He has achieved enormous popularity in recent years with his songs( Most of which are of his own composition) among the people of all age, specially youngsters. Youngsters are most often blamed for not listening to the music with low beats or less instruments. But in recent time there has been a revolution in Bangla songs specially in band songs. People are getting more adopted with Bangla songs with less instruments and more melody(Mousumi Bhoumic, Krishnokoli). And Arnob is a successful singer (and composer) of this genre.

Shayan Chowdhury Arnob

Arnob is the nephew of another very prominent singer of Bangla songs- Tapon Chowdhury. But Arnob needs not that introduction to introduce himself, for sure. he has already made his own brand. There have been much talk about Bangla band songs and the addiction of youngsters to it. Very often band songs were labeled with 'Rough and Tough' musicians who had alleged relation with drug. There were efforts to prove drug as a complementary(!) element of music.

After that there is been a silent revolution in Bangla band songs. Tahsan, Arnob, Habib- all the singers of new generation have made a new brand of Bangla band songs. And now, Arnob, a singer from Shantinicatan- is one of the most popular band singer in Bangladesh. Youngsters are often blamed for not listening Tagore songs which simply seems depressing to most of them. But now they also hear songs of low beats, less instruments (Monpura songs) and melodious ones more than ever. Arnob- the music director of ‘Monpura’ has really proved that our young listeners have really changed dramatically and also, in the positive direction.