Farhana Mili in Monpura
Farhana Mili in Monpura
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Farhana Mili in Commercial
Farhana Mili in Commercial
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Interview-Fazlur R.Babu

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Director- Gias Uddin Selim
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...it was on the set of 'Ramizer Aaina', when director Shihab Sahin introduced me with Gias Uddin Selim

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Friday, March 27, 2009

In 7th Week, 18 More Theaters

After 6 successful weeks in box office, Monpura is still going strong across the country. In 7th week, the movie is releasing in 18 more theaters across the country while other 12 theaters have closed the show of Monpura after running for 6 consecutive weeks. After the release on 13th February, the number of theaters has increased in every week. In 7th week, total number of theaters which are showing Monpura simultaneously, has increased to 37. But besides these numbers, the most important thing is perhaps the success curve of Monpura- which is going upward even after 6 weeks of release.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Monpura- Public Opinion

Monpura was released some one month back and in this one month we have seen many comments coming from the audience. Many people have expressed their feeling on FaceBook- which is the most visited website from Bangladesh, after Google and Yahoo. We have also found many comments on our site WWW.Monpura.BLogspot.Com.

If we look at those comments, we can roughly sort those comments in two categories."Khubbe joss ekta movie" said Shushmita Shobnom Mumu on a FaceBook group. Razibul Anam Zaki from Begunbari, had different thoughts-"Not bad, but not as good as I expected".

It is very normal that there will be different types of comments from the people according their point of view. But those comments 'Not bad, but not as good as I have expected'-needs a bit of attention. The music album of Monpura was released on August, 2008. It was a blockbuster hit musical album for the year 2008. But the release of Monpura was delayed and was released after some six month. It helped the musical album to show its complete potential, but it also kept the interest mounting. As a result, when the movie actually got released, the expectation was sky high. The people, who were not much aware of Monpura before release, eventually enjoyed the movie most. But those people, who were waiting for the movie for a long time, went to the theater with a sky high expectation, felt a little disappointed as it was only (!) a good movie.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blockbuster or ‘All Time Blockbuster’?

A movie was released on 13th February, 2009- some one month ago. It was void of any 'stars' or even regular performers of silver screen. One month has passed and all the theaters are showing 'Houseful'. Still in weekends, people are struggling for tickets.

Monpura was released in 4 theaters in the first week. After that, in every week, the number of theaters has increased. Even in 4th week some 6 theaters were included in the list. Now, there are twenty three theaters across the country where Monpura is running with houseful audience. The number seems to increase in upcoming weeks as well.

Normally one can predict the final outcome of a movie after two weeks of release. But taking the number of theaters in count, it wasn't possible to call Monpura a 'Blockbuster' or 'All time Blockbuster' after two weeks. Now the number of theaters is increasing in every week. Even after one month of the release, regular distributors of bangle movies are not feeling secure to compete with Monpura.

These are the signs of an 'All Time Blockbuster'.
Perhaps, after a looooooooong time, our film industry is about to get an all time blockbuster.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

'I Have No Hurry'- Farhana Mili

Farhana Mili, who played the female lead role ‘Pori’ in Monpura, recently spoke with www.Monpura.Blogspot.com. In an exclusive interview she has mentioned of her beginning and her plans for days to come.

Monpura.Blogspot: This is your first appearance in film industry and it is now one of the most successful commercial movies of last decade. Have you even imagined of such a success before you started?
Farhana Mili: Oh no. Not At all. Ha, Ha, Ha... It’s really unbelievable.

Monpura.Blogspot: So how was your beginning in Showbiz?
Farhana Mili: Look, I have been involved in singing, performing and recitation from my childhood. I was involved in 'Kishor Theater'(1995-'96). I also had courses on singing and performing. I was selected for national performance award (Child) in 1997 and 1998.
Monpura.Blogspot: How did you get involved with Monpura?
Farhana Mili: well, it was on the set of 'Ramizer Aaina', when director Shihab Sahin introduced me with Gias Uddin Selim. Just a few days back I worked on a commercial of 'Shohagh Classic'(Ai Path Chalatei aanondo). Gias uddin selim asked me whether I was the girl in that commercial. He also admired that work.

Actress Farhana Mili

Later, he once called me for a screen test. I didn’t know much about it. I knew that it was about a movie and was not even optimistic about my chances on that screen test. Though I attended there and it really happened for me.
Monpura.Blogspot: And how was the shooting?
Farhana Mili: I am really satisfied the way it happened. You know, the best thing about gias uddin selim is that he gives the performer enough space to free his arms. And when you have that freedom, you will feel very comfortable. And I was really comfortable with the process. I would like to thank everybody who was involved in the shooting of Monpura. It was completely a team work.
Monpura.Blogspot: After the huge success of Monpura, what is the reaction of your friends and family?
Farhana Mili: My family is very happy. And one thing I would like to mention about it. 'Monpura' is running in a theater in Mirpur. One of my teachers went on that theater. And he called me after the show. He told me that a number of garments workers were present and they enjoyed the movie. Look, these people are normally not supposed to come in these sorts of movies. But they have come to see 'Monpura' and enjoyed it- this is something really matters to me.
Monpura.Blogspot: There is another genre of commercial film which includes film like 'Koti Takar Kabin' or 'Mia Barir Chakor'? Are you interested to perform in these sorts of films?
Farhana Mili: Look, I want to clarify one thing. To me, there are only two types of films- Good films and Bad films. And definitely, I want to perform in movies of first genre.
Monpura.Blogspot: So after the huge success of 'Monpura', can we expect you to settle down in film industry?
Farhana Mili: I definitely want to work in film industry. But I have no hurry. I am ready to wait until a proposal is good enough to hang with. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

She is in 20's and saying 'I have no hurry'- Something very unusual for someone who is young and widely applauded for her first appearance.
But for someone who has come to stay, 'I have no hurry'- is perhaps the best introduction.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

In Third Week, 8 More Theaters

After two weeks of consecutive success, Monpura has been released in 8 more theaters across the country. Because of wonderful response from spectators of all class and age, the distributors have decided to release more prints and distribute the movie across the country. The number of theaters could easily have been increased up to 18 or 28 instead of 8. This was not possible due to the severe threat of piracy. In spite of an anti piracy drive by RAB in last week, the owner and distributors of movies are still not feeling secured about their movies.

Monpura- Very Close to a Huge Commercial Success.

In its way of grabbing the theaters, Monpura has created some wonders in Bangla Movie. A main stream commercial film, 'Mia Barir Chakor', was released simultaneously with Monpura and achieved a huge commercial success. This movie was replaced by Monpura in a theater of Bashaboo( Aagomon) just after two weeks. The picture might be the same across the country in the next week as well.

After a long time we have got a commercially successful bangle movie that represents 'Real Bangladesh'. Now, How far will it take our commercial movie industry- that is the next thing to watch.