Farhana Mili in Monpura
Farhana Mili in Monpura
Chanchal Chowdhury -Interview
Interview- Chanchal
Farhana Mili in Commercial
Farhana Mili in Commercial
Interview- Fazlur R. Babu
Interview-Fazlur R.Babu

Making of
Chanchal-Babu Duet Album
Director- Gias Uddin Selim
Director- Gias Uddin Selim
Monpura Posters
Interview- Mili
...it was on the set of 'Ramizer Aaina', when director Shihab Sahin introduced me with Gias Uddin Selim

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People, who have left Bangla cinema, might get an opportunity to get their way back to cinema hall due to Monpura...more

Cast and Crew of Monpura

Overview Monpura.Blogspot.Com- Poll
Director: Gias Uddin Selim
Writer: Gias Uddin Selim
Release Date: 13th February
Genre: Romance/Musical
Monpura in FaceBook

Krishnokoli On Top 5 for Monpura Songs

One Week Away From a Blockbuster
Jao pakhi
Sonar Moina Pakhi
Age Jodi Jantam
Nithua Pathare
Fazlur Rahman Babu
Jao Pakhi Balo Tare
Chandona MajumderImage not
Nithua Pathare
Chanchal Chowdhury

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Farhana said ‘No’ to TV play directors

New comer actress Farhana mili, who played the female lead role ‘Pori’ in ‘Monpura’ has restrained herself from acting in TV play. The young, talented actress started her career in showbiz with modeling and acting in TV play. But as ‘Monpura’ is the biggest venture of her short career and also seems to be the biggest movie of the year,so she has said ‘No’ to TV play directors for the promotional cause of the movie. It seems to be the right decision as the movie is expected to get release on November,2008.

Farhana Mili in Monpura
click for Farhana Mili photo Gallery

‘Monpura’ is the most important venture for Farhana Mili in her short career. Perhaps it will set the tone for her rest of the career. A huge success( which is very much expected) will make Farhana a ‘Film Star’. Even the average success of ‘Monpura’ will make her the actress of choice for many movie directors. But only a ‘Flop’ will clear the way of her exit from film industry. Only then she has to get back to TV play( or megaaaaa serials) on a more regular interval.

But the present condition definitely suggest that farhana mili has come to stay. She has the look, ability to perform and lot of years in front of her ( as she is in 20’s now).

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Fazlur Rahman Babu in Monpura

veteran actor, turned singer, Fazlur rahman babu has sung 'Nithua Pathare' which has achieved enormous popularity in recent time. Here we present some of the shots of Fazlur Rahman Babu from the movie 'Monpura'.

Fazlur Rahman Babu and Farhana Mili in Monpura

Fazlur Rahman Babu(R) and Chanchal Chowdhury

Fazlur Rahman Babu in Monpura

Friday, October 24, 2008

Monpura- Music with magic

Is it anything short of a revolution, what the songs of Monpura have created? Has it happened in near past that people are humming the songs of a ‘bangla cinema’ even before release?

The songs of Monpura has come at a time when the young generation is used to with latest Hindi songs and movies. The youngsters are relentless to hear Hindi movie songs which awfully lack depth. And sometimes the lyrics of some of those songs are obscene. The message of most of those ‘popular’ Hindi songs is simple(like- “come, make love”). And what about present ‘bangla cinema’ songs? Well, it’s the complete copy of those ‘popular’ Hindi songs with less ability.

And at that point of time ‘Monpura’ has come to face the music. It was not all about grabbing the market but more about creating it. The present success of Monpura has revealed that it has won the battle in every possible direction. It has overcome the huge impact of Hindi movie songs and also did that in style. It completely depended on the resources that Bangladesh has. The lyrics and music of all the songs of Monpura, represents the real bangladesh. And that’s why, after a long time the country has gone crazy with its own music. After a long time the nation has looked back where its root is.

ARNOB- Music director of Monpura

The whole nation is humming with the songs of Monpura. It is now in everywhere- Audio shops, residence, tea stall, dormitory and even in mobile phone.

Will it bring the much needed change that we are looking for? Will the nation start humming its wonderful songs that represent us the most?

Photo- in courtesy of Facebook.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Farhana Mili photo gallery

New comer actress Farhana mili, who has played the female lead role 'Pori'- in Monpura has got a look which is less like the 'Film Heroine' and more like the girl next door. she has a pretty face with brown skin. and of course, a very good ability of performing. the trailer of the movie has already released and we have experienced her talent. in those few sequence of trailers she has shown the promise of an actress who has come to stay.

Actress Farhana Mili

Farhana Mili in Monpura

Farhana Mili- daughter of a boatman in Monpura

Farhana Mili- 'Pori' of Monpura

Click for Farhana Mili Interview

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chanchal chowdhury photo gallery

some pictures of talented actor chanchal chowdhury who has acted in a leading role in 'Monpura'. These are the pictures from the 'Monpura' movie set.

Chanchal chowdhury and farhana mili

Chanchal chowdhury in Monpura

Chancal chowdhury in Monpura

Chanchol chowdhury and Mamunur rashid in monpura

Chanchal chowdhury in the film Monpura

Monday, October 20, 2008

Download and watch monpura movie clips online

Monpura, the long waited Bangla movie is supposed to get release soon. Its trailer has released and made a great impression and unbelievable interest among the viewers. If you have missed the trailers of this movie, then please take a look at this very promising Bangla movie.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fazlur Rahman Babu- Nithua pathare nemechi..

Veteran actor Fazlur rahman babu has got the spotlight on him for ‘Nithua Pathare’ a song of much talked movie ‘Monpura’. As an actor, Fazlur rahman babu is immensely popular. But this time he has really turned things around with ‘Nithua pathare’ –which has achieved unbelievable popularity among the youngsters.

Fazlur rahman babu has started his acting career in ‘Baishakhi Natya Ghosthi’ – a local drama theater of Faridpur. Later, in 1983, he joined ‘Aranyak Natyadal’ of Dhaka. From 1983, he performed in every production of ‘Aranyak’. His first TV performance was in 1989 in ‘Mrittu Khuda’ of Kazi Nazrul Islam.

This popular actor(and turned singer) has acted on many TV plays which has earned him immense popularity. Mega serial ‘Ekannoborti’ earned his new name ‘Joinal’-which proves how popular he was in that TV play.

Click for Fazlur Rahman Babu Photo Gallery.

As he worked on theater, singing was necessary for him. But he thinks that music was a passion for him from the very young age. "I was interested in singing since I was a child. However, I did not practice singing seriously. When I joined Aranyak, I realized that for acting one has to know singing also. So I have learn its basics."- said Fazlur rahman babu. And in ‘Nithua Pathare’, we all experienced that how well he has learned the basics.

In personal life, he has two daughters. He also works as a banker. He still lives the very simple life. He used to travel by Rickshaw or public bus. He enjoys his popularity which he has earned over the years. He is a true actor who has earned popularity with the glamour of acting, not with the gifted glamour.

Krishnokali- singer of Monpura

Prominent singer Krishnokoli is once again under the spot light with “jao pakhi” and ‘age jodi jantam re bodhu’- two songs from the movie ‘Monpura’. The 33 years old singer from Khulna, has started off her career in music industry with her debut album ‘Shurje Badhi Basha’.

Krishnokali has always been the singer with different touch. In many occasions she has been asked to change her style of singing and get used to with high beats. But she feels, This is just not to be happen. She wanted to stay what she actually is- a singer who sings from her heart. Perhaps, that is the reason why she can touch the heart of so many people.

She actually reminds of another very popular singer of different touch- Moushumi Bhoumic. But still she has made a specific genre for herself. In her songs- lyrics are never over shadowed by high beats of instruments. In her songs, she rather talks with her audience in a musical manner.

In the songs of bangla film ‘Monpura’ , she also retains her style of singing. There exists a popular belief that music of the movies should be light in weight and definitely would lack in depth( like most of the Hindi movie songs). If that is what the genre for movie songs is, then the songs of ‘Monpura’ is definitely out of this genre. But the huge audio success of ‘Monpura’ songs will definitely change the trend of movie songs. The songs of ‘Monpura’ based on the rural scenario and there is depth in lyrics and music.

Krishnokoli is the singer who did not try to belong to a genre. She rather has made a genre of her own. Instead of tuning herself with popular taste, she has made the people to tune their taste. This singer, who has come from a broken family, has expressed her personal experiences in her lyrics. Her songs generally tells the story of longing. Her biggest success is that she has been able to get the audience from the youngsters who are often not likely to hear such depressing(!) songs.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Monpura song lyrics-image

Please Click on Lyrics for better view

monpura song lyrics

monpura song lyrics

monpura song lyrics

monpura song lyrics

monpura song lyrics

Monpura song- Lyrics

Lyrics of 'Amar Sonar Moyna Pakhi'
আমার সোনার ময়না পাখি (মনপুরা)
কথা ‌ও সুর: মোহাম্মদ ওসমান খান
কন্ঠ: অর্ণব

আমার সোনার ময়না পাখি
কোন দেশেতে গেলা উইড়া রে
দিয়া মোরে ফাঁকি রে
আমার সোনার ময়না পাখি ।।

সোনা বরণ পাখিরে আমার
কাজল বরণ আঁখি
দিবানিশি মন চায়রে
বাইন্ধা তরে রাখি রে
আমার সোনার ময়না পাখি ।।

দেহ দিছি প্রাণরে দিছি
আর নাই কিছু বাকী
শত ফুলের বাসন দিয়ারে
অঙে দিছি মাখি রে
আমার সোনার ময়না পাখি ।।

যাইবা যদি নিঠুর পাখি
ভাসাইয়া মোর আঁখি
এ জীবন যাবার কালে রে
ও পাখি রে
একবার যেন দেখি রে
আমার সোনার ময়না পাখি ।।

Lyrics of 'Jao Pakhi Balo Tare'
যাও পাখি বলো তারে (মনপুরা)
কণ্ঠ: কৃষ্ণকলিচন্দনা মজুমদার

সোনারও পালঙ্কের ঘরে
লিখে রেখে ছিলেম দ্বারে
যাও পাখি বলো তারে
সে যেন ভোলে না মোরে
সুখে থেক, ভালো থেক
মনে রেখ এ আমারে ।।

বুকের ভেতর নোনা ব্যাথা
চোখে আমার ঝরে কথা
এপার ওপার তোলপার একা

মেঘের ওপর আকাশ ওড়ে
নদীর ওপার পাখির বাসা
মনে বন্ধু বড়ো আশা ।।

যাও পাখি যারে উড়ে
তারে কয়ো আমার হয়ে
চোখ জ্বলে যায় দেখব তারে
মন চলে যায় অদূর দূরে
যাও পাখি বলো তারে
সে যেন ভোলে না মোরে
সুখে থেক, ভালো থেক
মনে রেখ এ আমারে ।।

Lyrics of 'Nithua Pathare'
নিথুয়া পাথারে (মনপুরা)
কণ্ঠ : ফজলুর রহমান বাবু

নিথুয়া পাথারে নেমেছি বন্ধুরে
ধর বন্ধু আমার কেহ নাই
তোল বন্ধু আমার কেহ নাই ।।

চিকন ধুতিখানি পড়িতে না জানি
না জানি বান্ধিতে কেশ ।
অল্প বয়সে পীরিতি করিয়া
হয়ে গেল জীবনেরও শেষ ।
প্রেমেরও মুরলি বাজাতে নাহি জানি
না পারি বান্ধিতে সুর ।।

নিথুয়া পাথারে নেমেছি বন্ধুরে
ধর বন্ধু আমার কেহ নাই
তোল বন্ধু আমার কেহ নাই ।।

Lyrics of 'Age jodi jantam re bondhu'
আগে যদি জানতাম রে বন্ধু (মনপুরা)
কথা ও সুর: কৃষ্ণকলি ইসলাম
কন্ঠ : মমতাজকৃষ্ণকলি

আগে যদি জানতাম রে বন্ধু
তুমি হইবা পর
ছাড়িতাম কি বাড়ি আমার
ছাড়িতাম না ঘর ।।

উজানে ভাসাইলাম নাও
ভাটি কোথাও নাই
আমি আমার ছিলাম নাকি
তুমি কোথাও না ।।
পীরিতে সাজায়েছি রঙ
বাসরে বাঁশি
সুরে সুরে সুরমালা
ভিতরে ফাঁকি ।।

আগে যদি জানতাম রে বন্ধু
তুমি হইবা পর
ছাড়িতাম কি বাড়ি আমার
ছাড়িতাম না ঘর ।।

Lyrics of 'sonai hay hayre'
সোনাই হায় হায়রে (মনপুরা)
কথা: গিয়াস উদ্দিন সেলিম
সুর : সংগ্রহ
কণ্ঠ : ফজলুর রহমান বাবু

কেহ লইলো আতর লোবান
কেহ লইলো জল
কেহ লইলো বরই পাতা
কেহ লইলো পরীরে
সোনাই হায় হায়রে
সোনাই হায় হায়রে ।।

ফুল কান্দে পাখি কান্দে
কান্দে গাঙের পাড়
কান্দিয়া কান্দিয়া সোনাই
হইলো জারে জার ।।

বাবায় দিলো কন্যারে কাঁধ
শ্বশুর দিলো মাটি
বৃষ্টি পড়ে টাপুর টুপুর
মাটি ছুঁয়ে খাঁটি
সোনাই হায় হায়রে
সোনাই হায় হায়রে ।।

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Release of Monpura- November, 2008

The long waited Bangla film 'Monpura' is expected to get release on next month. Its shooting has already been completed. The shooting of Monpura started on june, 2007 and it was finished by february, 2008.

The making of 'Monpura' took a long period to be completed. it actually took more than two years for gias uddin selim to complete his long dreamed debut film. As the shooting was finished in February,(2008) it was expected to get release on April, 2008. but for some reason the release of Monpura was postponed on April, 2008. Now as the shooting, dubbing, music- everything is completed, so it is expected that,Monpura will be released on November, 2008.

Alok Kapali's first ICL century- proud to be a Bangladeshi?

What a century by Alok Kapali. The young right-handed batsman has really astonished his opponents as well as his supporters. This young lad from sylhet has played some cameo before. but in the ICL match, he has really played a innings of a lifetime.

Dhaka warriors were in deep trouble as they lost their 5 key batsman cheaply. But something very special was waiting to happen. Alok kapali, who has made his comeback after a long time in Bangladesh cricket has shown his class to the cricketing world once again. once again the charismatic batsman has shown his ability in 20-20 cricket with a century(100) in 60 balls, with 5 sixes and 11 4's.

Alok Kapali has always been regarded as a very promising batsman. the only problem, that was keeping him out of the Bangladesh side, was his application. in many occasions he was guilty of lazy strokes or soft dismissal. and its really a bad sight when a good talented batsman got out cheaply on a regular interval. After his comeback in Bangladesh side, he has made his mark with a great innings against Pakistan. and all the Bangladeshi fans were hoping to get their Alok Kapali back.

At that point of time, ICL came into play. and Bangladesh lost its' some of the key players to green doller. and as a citizen of this country( and of course, as a die hard fan of Bangladesh Cricket) we all were frustrated and angry with them. but again, when we see them on field, representing Bangladesh in some way, we cannot but support them. perhaps they had a relation of blood with every Bangladeshi.

Alok Kapali's first century has definitely made the Bangladesh proud. Will his first century clinch Dhaka Warriors their first victory? well the next hour will answer it all.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Making of Monpura

The shooting of much talked film 'Monpura' has finished successfully, recently. the debut film of giasuddin selim has made a huge hype even before its release. the shooting of the film was started on june, 2007. it was shoot in different places including Dhunot( bogra), khushtia and Dhaka.

The film 'Monpura' has the star casting which is not based on glamour of face but the glamour of acting. Chanchal chowdhury plays the role of sonai. new Comer Farhana Mili plays the role of 'Pori'- daughter of a boatman. and this young couple is well supported by veteran actors like - Mamunur Rashid(Aranyak Natyadal) and Fazlur Rahman babu(also from Aranyak).

Director Gias uddin selim(R) and cinematographer Kamrul hasan Khosru(L) in the set of 'Monpura'

Gias uddin selim

As the shooting started on June,2007- the shooting unit had to face some serious problems. it is the rainy season in Bangladesh. And outdoor shooting is just not suitable in this season. but the demand of 'Monpura' was to shoot in pouring rain. so the shooting unit had to face all the trouble during that period. Once the director of Monpura, giasuddin salim said that, the nature has played with us during shooting. but it also has offered us with some great moment for the movie. 'during the making of a movie you have to make a relation with nature. nature may make you suffer, but it will also provide you with something great'-said Giashuddin salim. Monpura's recent hype also suggest that all the hard work behind the movie will be paid off, perhaps.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Story of Monpura- Sonai, Pori & an island

Monpura ia a story of Sonai, pori and an island called 'Monpura'. Sonai(Chanchal chowdhury) was sent to an island against his will. The name of the island is 'Monpura'. In 'Monpura' he found Pori(Farhana Mili), daughter of a boatman. Sonai fall in love with pori.

But this is not all about love. there is thriller and suspense. misfortune kept following sonai. pori's father was offered for marriage of her daughter with a big gun of that society and Sonai was accused of murdering. and later he was taken to prison.

Sonai, Pori and an Island

The story of Monpura, like most famous love stories, is expected to find tragic ending with the death of one of its' central character.

The movie 'Monpura' has already shown some great promise through its songs and trailers. and its story suggest that it has more on offer as the day progresses. Very rarely, a movie in Bangladesh has been pictured on the backdrop of rural Bangladesh. after a long time we are waiting to see a story of our Real Bangladesh.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bangladesh new zealand 1st odi- Ashraful replies in style

Bangladesh new zealand 1st odi was more than a cricket match for Mohammad Ashraful. he was under some tremendous pressure. and very unusually, the pressure was not all about cricket.

The very recent ICL storm has shaken the whole Bangladesh cricket. and as the captain of the national side how can ashraful keep himself away from it? but the actual situation was worse than that. some of the players of the Bangladesh national side pointed their finger towards ashraful as the main culprit behind ICL storm. even though he refused to join ICL, still he has been regarded as main culprit(!).

So for the first time in his career, Mohammad Ashraful was in pressure to prove himself not for cricketing reason but for something else. and how nicely he reacted to the pressure with a classic 60 of just 56 balls. perhaps that is the typical genius reply.

Bangladesh new zealand 1st ODI of Mirpur will be remembered for several reasons. it is the maiden victory against new zealand in any international format of cricket. but for ashraful? its all about answering the enemies in style.

click for the whole match Preview.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Farhana Mili: Monpura-Pori

Farhana Mili, has started her career in film industry with Monpura. In her debut film, she is been associated with chancal chowdhury as co-actor and Gias uddin salim as the director. this new comer actress has made her mark on showbiz with TV play and modeling.

Farhana Mili, A student of Jahangirnagar University, has the experience of working in theaters. So, even though, she is a new comer still she has got the experience of acting in professional circuit. Besides, As a student of 'Drama and Dramatics' she also has the additional advantage.

Farhana Mili has acted on different TV plays like 'itt kather Khaca' and so on. But in movie she has made her mark with Monpura. The trailers of the movie has already released. Farhana Mili has proved to be quite promising in those trailer.

In Monpura Farhana Mili plays the role of 'Pori', daughter of a boatman. she portrays the roll of a simple village girl who later fall in love with 'sonai'(chanchal chowdhury) who was forced to go to an island against his will.

click for Farhana Mili Photo Gallery

Click for Farhana Mili Interview

The story of 'Monpura' is about an island called 'Monpura' and about 'Pori'(Farhana Mili) and Sonai(Chanchal chowdhury). this love story is expected to find its tragic ending with the death of one of the central characters.

Bangladsh new zealand 1st odi- our first victory 9th october

what a start after ICL storm by TIGERS. Mashrafee murtaza set the tone by picking up two early wickets, while Razzak picked another two wickets within 25th over. we are looking for a victory for so long time and it seems to be the right occasion.

we have got the first victory in the first odi in mirpur! we have proved that without ICL players we can fight hard. even ashraful might not have thought of such a start after the ICL phenomena. but the mashrafee and razzak has made us once again proud with our recent Bangladesh team which was not that promising(!) before the start of the match.

and we have achieved the victory! it was much needed for us to get the belief on our current side. and we have just managed to get that. if you look at the performance of Bangladesh against new zealand then you must agree that there is not much to be proud of. yes, we did beat them once in a practice match before the start of a big series, but rest of the stats will not look good for Bangladesh. so the early victory against newzeland with ball will definitely proud our fans.

This initial win of Bangladesh against new zealand will make us believe on our current side. this will also give more confidence to the current young side that they can fight against any top side and make Bangladesh proud.

chancal chowdhury- sonai of Monpura

Chancal chowdhury, one of the leading actor of Monpura, started his career in 1996 in theater. he joined ARANYAK NATYADAL and performed in Prakritojoner Kotha, Joyjoyonti, Ora Kodom Ali, Mayur Singhason, Songkranti, Rarang and Che-er Cycle.

chanchal chowdhury got the spotlight on him for the first time as a model in the commercial of grameen phone. that was immensely popular at that time. "pother Klanti Bhule"- a very popular song of Hemonta Mukhopadhyay added some more spice on that advertise. and eventually, that advertise brought him the prestigious Meril-Prothom alo award in "best model- men" category in 2005. the commercial was directed by Mustafa sarwar farooki, with whom, chanchal chowdhury worked on 'talpatar shepai'.

chanchal chowdhury, the talented actor, is the graduate of institute of fine arts(IFA). he also worked for SODA and CODA as a lecturer.

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In the film monpura, chanchal chowdhury plays the role of sonai, who was sent to an island against his will. and there he found pori(Farhana mili) the daughter of a boatman. the story went on and found its tragic finishing like most classic love story. is it a precondition for love stories to be tragic in order to be memorable? perhaps, yes.

Chancal chowdhury, one of the talented actor of new generation, has done a fabulous job on MONPURA. the trailer of this movie already suggest that. but he has to prove it on big screen also. and he has that talent and the company of talented people like gias uddin selim and his associates to prove his merit.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gias Uddin Selim- director of Monpura

Gias Uddin Selim, the director of Monpura, started the shooting of Monpura on june 2007. though the shooting was started on June 2007, but this was a long dreamed venture by the director Gias uddin selim. the shooting of Monpura took 1 year. the shooting has come to an end successfully, recently.

Gias uddin selim- Director of Monpura

The trailer of Monpura has made a huge hype even before the release of this movie. The middle class(who are the majority in Bangladesh),is been away from cinema hall from a long since, are supposed to make their way back once again to cinema hall due to Monpura. whether the movie is a box office hit or flop, attracting middle class to bangla movie is a certain success of gias uddin salim.

Gias Uddin selim started off his career as Tv play director. his very popular venture was 'Biprotip' which was broadcast on Ekushay TV. That was a totally new experiment on bangla TV drama, featuring teenage problems and consequently it earned gias uddin selim a huge popularity. after that he has made a lots of TV drama which brought new dimensions to bangla TV drama.

Monpura is the debut film for Gias Uddin Selim. He has dreamed of making movie from his student life in Rajshahi University. he started with drama making and later after gaining the much required experience, he made Monpura. Its music has already got the attention of millions of listeners. and more people are waiting to see the movie in big screen. Gias Uddin Selim, the director of the movie is also think that this movie will make its way in Box office. "The song will bring new dimension on making Bengali movie in recent time. Its making will also create huge impact among the movie lovers. It will touch the heart of them."- said Gias Uddin selim according to NEW NATION, 27 june, 2008.

Gias Uddin Selim has already made his mark on small screen. now its time for this talented director to show his magic on big screen.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Official Website of MONPURA

The official website of Monpura, www.monpura.com is disappointing. totally unavailable from last three days(3rd October,2008). hard to believe that a movie with so much promise can be distributed with so less care. the official website of a movie is the heart of marketing before release across the world. even in india we see that any movie(even second grade movies) has a rich website and that is maintained seriously. it is a shear source of income. and for publicity what can be better than internet. it is the cheapest, quickest and most cost effective media for publicity. it is the most popular media for advertisement across the world. so the distribution of Monpura can easily be based on internet rather than TV media. the ads on internet can be really targeted which makes it so effective. but what they are actually doing is horrible. they cant even maintain their official website.

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its not all about making a good movie. the marketing is so vital now a days. the distributors of Monpura has failed to do even the average task as far as internet publicity is concerned.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Trailer- Monpura

Monpura trailer link:
Watch Monpura Trailer

The trailer of long waited Monpura by Giasuddin selim has it all that needs to be a film trailer. it has suspense at the very beginning. A mysterious face is found on the screen under the rain. the effect of dark and shadow makes the scene even mysterious.

Then it comes with a panoramic view of the bank of a river. and chancal chowdhury(Sonai?) enter the screen. and the song 'Nithua pathare' by Fazlur Rahman Babu comes as the background song.

After that, it comes some romantic shots between chancal chowdhury(sonai) and Farhana Mili(pori). these shots also promises to be very delicate and also a movie of different touch. the song 'Sonaro Palonker Ghore' by Krishnokoli is matched nicely with the scenes.

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Well, we see very often that trailers seems very promising before release(normally, in Hindi movie) ends up in pretty ordinary note after release. so we may not gauss perfectly what would come up next just watching a trailer. but another thing to be noted. Monpura is directed by Giasuddin salim . we are all quite familiar with his dramas with different touch. so it wont be a bad idea to believe in the promise shown by the trailer of Monpura.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Monpura the Story and Artist of the Movie

Monpura has made a huge hype before its release. its story is based on a rural scenario. "A heart breaking story"-said by popular actor, director Afjal hossain. its' very unusual and nice songs also set the background of a heart breaking story. Gias uddin salim has chosen the huge rural scenario for making his debut and long dreamed movie.

its' songs are fabulous. 'sonai hai hayre' a song written by Gias uddin salim and music collected from mymensing gitika, tells a sad story. it tells a story of death of a daughter whose funeral is attended by her father and father in law.
another very nice song 'Age jodi jantam' lyrics and music by krishnokoli islam also tells a story of broken heart. it tells that story of leaving house of a girl and then her story of regret.

Another song is 'Sonar Moina Pakhi' lyrics and music by Osman Khan,sung by arnob- also express the desire to see the loving one at any cost. it expresses it deepest desire by saying that he wants to see his loving one at least once even if it comes before his death.

so the story of monpura is perhaps a story of relations of heart and the story of breaking it. there is a big difference in Gias Uddin Salim's Monpura from other bangla 'popular' movies. Monpura has been taken from the rural scenario of Bangladesh. the huge rural panorama can be the backdrop of many movies. but this is, unfortunately, not the case. In Monpura, you may find the essence of real Bangladesh.

The makers of Monpura
Director: Gias uddin salim
Cinematography: Kamrul Hasan Khosru
Script and dialogue: Gias uddin salim
Music composition: Arnob
Assistant Music DIrector: Adit.
songs: Arnob, Fazlur rahman babu, Chancal Chowdhury , krishnokoli islam, Momotaz.

Actors: Chancal Chowdhury, Farhana Mili, Fazlur Rahman Babu and others

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Monpura-Download the Music with Magic

It is a rare case that a Bangla movie comes under spotlight by its music. though we are reluctant to hear and talk of Hindi movie songs, but we have not spend much time for our own. and there is not much reason either.

Monpura perhaps will change this tradition. what an awesome music our young musicians have created. at the biginning of hearing the music many people thought that it is collected from our folk music. but almost all the musics of monpura is original. there is depth, creative thoughts and trend breaking effort. if we are not proud of Arnob, Krishnokali, Fazlur Rahman Babu or Osman khan, then we are cheating our self.
and one last thing. what about Gias Uddin Salim? well he started off with 'biprotip' on Ekushay Tv. and thereafter he has done a fabulous job. Monpura is been his biggest venture and also a long waited dream. we have heard of this movie for more than two years. now it has announced its arrival with awesome music. after a long time, Monpura, a bangla movie, has grabbed the attention of lot, with its music.

Better day is on its way for bangla movie.
Three chears for Monpura and its Music